Cancellation Policy

Once your order has been placed either online via our website or mobile app, or in person or over the telephone it is actioned.  We will quote you a delivery time and set to work on your order.  If you need to cancel your order for any reason we do ask you to do this asap in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

However, you can cancel your order at any time up until it is delivered to your door and we will refund any payment made in full.

We are sure you won't, it will taste great and the last thing you will want to do is cancel it, but hey, thats our cancelation policy to help you place your order with Bishops Caribbean with confidence.

Refund Policy 

Should you be dissatisfied with your meal from Bishops Caribbean we will refund the cost of your meal in full as long as it can be returned or collected by us with at 2/3 of the meal still remaining (affected dish/es).  We will ask for details of your dissatisfaction and will offer a replacement dish in the first instance.

We will not refund any meals should more than 2/3 of the meal already be eaten.

Delivery Policy

We will quote you a delivery time when you place your order, be that via our mobile app, website, over the telephone or in person.  Should the anticipated delivery time be any different we will call you asap to advise on this.  If the revised delivery time unacceptable your order can be cancelled and full refund received if required.

All delivery times quoted are approximate and may vary within a reasonable time frame.  If we are anymore than 30mins outside our quoted delivery time you will be offered a discount and/or additional dishes, etc.  We will advise by telephone should this be the case.